State the Art of Traveling

These recent years, I traveled quite a lot. Call me a lucky person, because I get a chance to see many places that I have dreamed of since years ago. This leads some people to ask me about how much money that I spend on every trip. I always say, of course it depends on the destination as well as its duration.

The ultimate cost must be the transportation, of which you can suppress based on the off peak-season. Booking the tickets a few months in advance might be a good strategy, although it would be little bit risky. As you can’t predict what happens in the next few months, but well, it is indeed worth to try. Another trick would be, different type of transportation (sharing car, bus, train or airplane) might have different prices. So, of course it is all up to you to choose which one is giving more advantages for your saving and your time. Moreover, if you are booking the flight, make sure that you could change the date or cancel the tickets. Just in case if your plans are not as smooth as the reality.

Next, if you travel within Europe, do elaborate another option for one day ticket (which covers bus, tram, subway, etc) to travel around the city. Generally speaking, it would cost way much cheaper than a single ticket or return ticket. Plus, it gives you flexibility to hop-on or hop-off at the places you like.

Next, apart from the transportation, if you are willing to travel outside your home country, then the visa application also needs some money. Not to mention the travel insurance, which is very important. Should you also take those into your consideration.

After taking care of transportation tickets and some required administrations, every trip also needs accommodation. There are some options to suppress the cost. Either staying in a hostel (which is still comfortable, yet way cheaper than a hotel), or free accommodation such as Couchsurfing. I am sure, that most of you are already familiar with this term.

Once the tickets, required documents, and accommodation are confirmed, the next interesting part might be: making the itinerary! Of which I always start with the place that I am most interested to visit!

It is simple.
Because that is the purpose of your trip!
Visit the places that you think the most important for your dream (even it is not the famous one), then later enriches your journey with the places nearby.

Next, would be about the food!
It might seem an easy stuff, but sometimes this part also costs some money.
I remembered when I was in Greece, I spent money little bit over than the usual, as I let myself to enjoy the traditional food that they offered in Oia. I just couldn’t help myself to not feed my belly with the delicious seafood of which I do really love.
In contrast, when I was in France, Paris exactly. I was able to bring some food from home. This was due to I traveled from the Netherlands by bus, hence no strict regulations about the baggage weight and its dimension.

Then, what about the situation in which you do not want to spend a lot of money for food, yet you can’t bring your own food from home?
Relaxed. The supermarket would be a good choice. You could shop the ready-to-eat food or sandwiches with their reasonable prices. In addition, you would be very lucky indeed, when you travel to a city which has the drinkable tap water. Praise to Lord! They will save your money!

Last but not least, I am always intrigued by the question that sometimes popped up in my mind:
“why do I travel? why am I actually searching for? why am I willing to blow my saving?”

Honestly speaking, I don’t have any intelligent answer for that.

The thing is, when I get back from traveling, I know exactly that I feel contented with the history of places I’ve visited. I feel contented with the various strangers I met in the different places. I saw the same exact things with different point of views. I honored differences, as I embraced the unity. I fall in love with the living life over and over again. Traveling lets you become the different versions of you, as well as it pours you with the priceless experiences. Traveling reminds me that life is nothing, but a journey. It has a start and an end. It is our choices to make it memorable or just slip away. It is our choices to be bound with other human beings, or just live alone in our shell. Above of all, traveling makes me happy and that’s all the matter.

However, to summarize everything, I would say that there’s always a price for a trip. The thing is, you can’t neglect it. If you think that is too much, simply don’t go. Conversely, if you already fell in love with some places, even from the pictures on Google, don’t wait to long, prepare yourself and grab your dream straightaway. It is due to life offers many precious things, yet time doesn’t wait.

Right now or you would regret it.


2 thoughts on “State the Art of Traveling

  1. I like the question “Why do I travel?” I have asked myself the same and my answer was that it’s the only time when I’m truly happy! Travel=happiness! Great post!

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