Dear Self, Happy Birthday.

Time flies tremendously like it is never there.
Here I am, embracing another year of awesomeness for my dear self.
I never thought that I am finally welcoming the 28-years-old.
The age which considerate as is not old enough, nor young enough.
The age that your parents are naturally expecting a son-in-law, or probably, a cute grandchildren,
which unfortunately, neither one of them seems to come really soon.

In the other side, I can’t be thankful enough for the things that have enriched me so far;

  • Beloved parents, whom their unconditional love and prayers come along together with my dreams.
  • Beloved sister, whom always shows respect and love that I couldn’t ask for more.
  • Friendship, that has been shown by some good people that I put my trust and love on them.
  • The exciting research works, that I deliberately give my effort and idea to execute them.
  • The education, that finally brought me to a title of Master of Science, and reminds me not to stop.
  • All the places of which brought me to meet the strangers, eyewitness the historical places, make me a very memorable moment with the food, weather, or its spatial environment.
  • All the wishes and prayers that get me through private messages/call, Facebook post, Twitter, or Path, really made my day.

Call this is as my linguistic incapability, but really, I couldn’t find any other words to express how grateful I am. I am such in a fortunate to live the life I own now. To achieve all the dreams that I have been dreamed of. To meet people I know now. Surely, I love them abundantly.

So, dear self, happy birthday once again.
Happy growing a year older.
Don’t stop moving your step further.
Don’t stop asking the value of your life.
Don’t stop helping each other when you have a chance.
Don’t waste your time as it never goes back.

Hope that it will turn to be very memorable at last.


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