Master of Travel

I might not be a traveling master, nor the deep passionate one. I just do traveling when I need to, and free myself when I have to.

I can still count how many countries or cities that I have visited. They were not that many, compared to those famous travelers had.

…but, I do embrace every time I visited new place, or meet the strangers, or interact with the spatial environment that a city has offer.

I exactly remember the feeling of watching sunset in Oia, or eating pizza in Milan, or falling down on an icy pedestrian path in Reykjavik.

I also still remember the feeling of getting lost in Paris, walking down on Tube escalators in London, or getting excited to see Colosseum.

I remember the feeling of being amazed with a vintage shop in Brugge, having 10 hours journey with a train to Berlin, or seeing the great Alhambra.

…then, when I watch some movies capturing all those places, I get warmhearted inside. It’s not because “I was there”, but memories.

I might not be the traveling master. However, I will always carry the idea of traveling, until I can’t remember it anymore.


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