Een Fijn Moment

Some go to Trafalgar Square. Some go to St. James’s Park. Others might blend with the crowd, to create memories with the beloved ones, or to have a little talk with ghosts—the heroes of World War II.

It was late in the afternoon in London. The sun might have already set in the horizon, somewhere else in the other part of Europe. Unlike the last winter, this time—the weather was surprisingly compromising. Eleven degrees Celsius with some pouring from the sky above. It was me walking down to the nearby Underground station—Piccadilly Circus. Appreciating the freedom that has been offered by Oyster card, I allowed myself to get lost here and there.

Passing by the Westminster station, I was thinking to hop off. Apparently, my brain ordered another decision. “Let’s save the beauty of London Eye and Parliament House some time later in the evening”, it said. Honoring the work of million synapses inside my brain, and therefore my body synchronized to keep sitting inside the London Tube.

Along with the sound of squeaky wheel, to my left, an old lady was seriously knitting. It looked like that she was working on a scarf with the beautiful color combinations, yet complicated patterns. To my right, a madly in love couple was alternately kissing each other. Somehow I liked to tell them “oh please, get a room, would you?”. But you know, some people say that one of the most useless things in the world is giving a suggestion to people who are madly in love. It is because of they barely listen.

Therefore, I let them enjoy their honeymoon phase.

A few minutes later, I reached London Bridge Underground station. I get off from the Tube and continued walking until I had a perfect spot to catch some photos of London Bridge. It was beautiful indeed. The calm of River Thames reflected the lights, both from the London Bridge or Tower of London.

I was preparing my camera setting when a guy came to me. He asked whether I could help him to take a picture of him and his wife. From a little chat, apparently they were a newly wed. They are Bulgarians and came to London to fulfill his wife’s dream. His wife was a breast-cancer survivor. That guy once told a promise, that no matter how long or short the togetherness that they may have, he would take his wife to journeys. Visiting some beautiful cities, embracing the sea waves in the different coastal lines, or learning the new cultures. Blessed them that she was stated clean since six months ago. Shortly afterwards, we said goodbye and I also wished them a long live happiness. The everlasting one. Because they truly deserve it.

By having such a moving conversation, I couldn’t be more grateful. This part that I like the most from traveling. You never know whom you meet. You never know what kind of stories they might share.

It was probably around 7.30 in the evening, when I finished walking along the London bridge and straight to Tower of London. Despite some mystical stories, still, I was truly impressed with the beauty of Tower of London when I looked at it from near. Here is the thing I would like to tell you. Promise me, you’ll read this post until the end. Instead of instantly closing your browser.

So, I ever read that some time back then, precisely in 1536, Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England. She was the second wife of King Henry VIII. Unfortunately, she was beheaded for treason against Henry VIII. Her ghost has been said to walk around the White Tower, while carrying her head under her arm. Other ghosts that have been said to appear including Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower.

Remembering all those stories, I moved my feet faster along the pedestrian path of Tower of London. Thank God I finally reached the Tower Hill Underground station safe and sound. I proceed to the gate and picked the Circle route straight to Westminster station to catch the London Eye and the Parliament House.

It is undoubtedly true!
A night view of London Eye and the Parliament House and the buildings surrounding the River Thames was nothing, but mesmerizing!

I was silent for like fifteen minutes. I still can’t believe the view in front of me. I still can’t believe that I visited London.

I still can’t believe that I made my dream happen.

Later on, after a half an hour walking around, I went back to the Westminster Underground station. The place which also reminds me of Sherlock BBC Series “The Empty Hearse”, when Lord Moran—the Underground terrorist detached a train carrying the bombs. I would never imagine before that I could be so close to the city of Sherlock Holmes. A living legend created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whom not only inspired hundred of directors, writers, illustrators, or actors, but also it actually helped boost morale during the World War I for the Great Britain citizens.

Having such a great experience in London, suddenly a question popped up; will I be back here?

Will I be able to bring back the huge feeling that I already cultivated in London?

I looked at my surrounding, then I easily found the reflection of myself arrived at Gatwick Airport. I easily saw the reflection of myself sitting on a bench alongside the River Thames. The reflection of myself inside the London Tube. Getting super excited by visiting the 221B Baker Street. Sharing some priceless stories with the strangers. Enjoying the winter wind, or getting wet by the winter rain. I saw myself ordering the fish and chips. Honoring the histories which were beautifully wrapped in a monument, paintings, or statues. Or suddenly get influenced with British accent.

It is true that London is a magical city.
Because you already know that London is very beautiful long before you are eventually there.

However, as a human, I would genuinely hope that this #InggrisGratis quiz might be my another additional ticket to enjoy another marvelous experience that United Kingdom has to offer.

PS: the following post was submitted for the #InggrisGratis quiz by Mister Potato.



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