Running, not Walking

My head is full of confusing things lately. The bureaucracy matters that take such a huge effort and energy is surprisingly driving me to another big question; “is this really worth it?”

You know, when you are in the crossroads, not to mention they are rocky roads, while you have no map in your hand, you might suddenly ask yourself: “is it worth of time to continue, or just leave here and then go back to the first place?”

After efforts and efforts, some important external matters that are just unbelievably annoying seemed so difficult to change, such a question “is it really something worthwhile?” is apparently difficult to avoid.

But anyways, it is quite funny. As the crazy situation sometimes has two sided story. At one side, they can drag you into the deepest hopeless feeling, meanwhile for another side, you are blessed with another great idea.

That’s why, even it is hard, or painful, I am trying to stick with the good part. Not because of triumphalism is addicted, but it is more about that life couldn’t be that damn horrible.

At last, that they always show me.

Therefore, I am writing this note.

It is for a reminder that the great ideas might be the savior.
It creates a strong grip that I could hold on to.
It shows a dim light when the dark is coming.
It leaves a mark that why should I walk, when I could run.

And guess what?
In the middle of low self-esteem that I am experiencing lately, I got a good news.
It is that my research proposal is announced as one of the top priorities to be further reviewed by Japan government.

Yes, this research proposal is a project collaboration between Indonesia and Japan government. I do really hope that it turns well at last. Not only for the sake of boosting up my confidence level, but also for other researchers in my office. Because of new collaboration means new opportunity to gain new knowledge and establish new partnership. May God always help us. Aameen.


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