South Korea Visa from Indonesia


Hi readers!

Now I am so excited to write down this tips. As I am already imagining my upcoming trip to Seoul, South Korea on this mid November.

Anyway, first thing first, thanks to Air Asia which unpredictably offered such a nice price for return tickets Jakarta – Seoul. Although it is not super duper cheap tickets, but I am still happy with the money I spent with. Particularly, due to the decision for Seoul trip came in ‘very last minute’.

Last minute for me, it means that I bought the flights only 3 weeks prior to my departing! And another thing is, I also need to go to Immigration office to extend my (less than 6 months of expiration date) passport. Plus, I haven’t talked to my boss yet to propose my days off for this trip.

Such a tight schedule isn’t it?

But, well.. Now I am going to tell you the details for applying the Korea Visa, especially for the C-3-9 type Visa. This one is intended for tourism activity, single entry up to 90 days.

So, here is the list of required documents you need to enclose:

1) go to this website: to download the Visa application form. Fill it completely and carefully. It should be straightforward, though.

2) your valid passport with the expiration date more than 6 months.

3) a copy of your family card. Describing your status related to other family members whom are stated in the mentioned card (either you are as a daughter/boy/father/mother/nephew/niece/etc).

4) in case you have a new extended passport, it’s also better to enclose a copy of your previous passport including all the pages which had the stamps/Visa of countries you have visited. This one to make you a trustworthy person.

5) your bank statement which shows your transaction up to the previous 3 months

6) if you are a university student, please enclose your student card and the name of your guarantee. In case you are an office worker, enclose your employer’s statement which describes your position in that mentioned office and your annual salary.

7) a copy of your return tickets

8) a copy of your hotel/hostel booking confirmation

9) a photograph with the size of 3.5cm x 4.5cm. No particular requirement about the length and height of your face (compared to a photograph for Schengen Visa, UK Visa, US Visa for example), as they only need it for visa application form. There’s no your photo attached in your Korea Visa.

10) although they don’t ask, also enclose a copy of travel insurance and health insurance.

11) a copy of your itinerary with your estimated expense. Just to give a brief impression about how much money you need during your trip to Korea compared to your saving.

12) there’s no point to come early morning to the Embassy. As the Visa service is started at 8.30 AM.

The address of South Korean Embassy in Jakarta is at Jl Gatot Subroto, Kav. 58. It is just right next to RS Medistra.

To apply the Visa, there will be an officer whom will give you the queue number once you entered the Visa application room in the Embassy.

After your documents have been checked by the officer in Visa locket, then you need to pay the visa application fee. It costs IDR 480,000 with the process might take at least 5 to 7 of working days. (My visa is finished within 5 days, by the way)

Make sure you make a phone call first before going to pick up your passport and visa. This is to make sure that you are not coming for nothing.

And there you go! Now you are one step ahead to Seoul!

Good luck, readers!


5 thoughts on “South Korea Visa from Indonesia

  1. how much money we have to show in bank statement.. and my friend in korea rents a hone there, I will live with her during my visit there.. so what should I show about my living reservation there…???

    1. There is no exact statement for the amount of money in the bank account. Just make an estimation, for example you might spend 50$/day, then it means that you need 50$ x days of your visit.

      Regarding the place of stay, I don’t have any experience yet. But, I guess, you might need an invitation letter from your friend, which state your residing place while you’re visiting the South Korea, and this letter needs to be enclosed in your application form.

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