A new challenge has come!

lab MOLBI A sneak-peek of my lab. Pretty, isn’t it?

It was around last April when I got a visit from my former supervisor of my Master thesis back then in Wageningen University. I was so thankful that he came to Indonesia. As we get a chance to talk about our research collaboration between Wageningen University and our research institute in Indonesia. Also, –this may be an important part for me– that we had a chance to discuss about a PhD project for me!

Of course, I do feel excited! As this is a great opportunity to be more enriched with molecular biology knowledge, to be focused on some plant sciences issues and how to find effective approaches, to grow even more, and of course, another door to establish a career as a researcher!

I feel extremely appreciated, as I didn’t have to find any scholarship for my PhD project. This is due to that I would be employed by university. Means that, they will take me as a researcher assistant and pay the monthly salary based on Dutch labor laws and regulations. To this end, it sounds really great, doesn’t it?

But anyways, it is indeed true that when it comes to a great achievement, it also comes great responsibilities. I truly realize that I have a lot of things in my hands, my performance will be continuously supervised, high-demands with high-goal orientations, and some sleepless nights with some journals or some weekends in the labs. But again, this is surely my passion, and I am ready for this!

So, although the journey is still a long way to go, but I surely hope that I can carry the given opportunity successfully and do not disappoint my Promotor and Co-promotor whom already trusted this particular job to me.

And by the way, as the closing of this post, right before my leaving for Netherlands to start my PhD, I get a beautiful gift from my beautiful friend. She is one of my friends that I happened to meet when we took our Master programs in Wageningen University. She is a very creative and kind person. She also knows some of my difficult stories related to bureaucracy things that I need to face. Therefore, when I finally get a gift from her, it really touched my feelings.

lab MOLBI2

There was a quote written behind the gift that I received. And it is as following:

When you eliminated the impossible whatever remains,
however improbable must be the truth.

I think that it is a strong reminder that I would always to look back when the PhD journey turns to be so challenging.

As far as I know, at least from the first 4 months of my PhD journey, that a PhD project is actually an intense set of experiment on human resilience and endurance after being exposed with continuous problems.

So… wish me luck, dear Readers!!


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