We talked over a cup of coffee

I’ve been loved and unloved. I’ve been trusted and betrayed. I’ve been chased to close and then been pushed away. And I’ve been promised a beautiful end and then been broken into pieces.

I didn’t have so many love stories, nor meet so many lovers. I am not proud of it, nor feeling insufficient. I just fell into wrong persons which unfortunately in the right time. I had some scars that would be unforgettable. Yet, I didn’t mean to keep them, as they also made me to be the person who I am now.

Me, the person who still keeps her head up high after each exhausting storm. Me, the person whom would appreciate feelings and still adore the idea of platonic love. Me, the person who would still believe that true love does exist.

And now, another love story was just ended. Even though it was not being started. This was the first time when I tried to get close with someone. After all past stories which were approaching me first. Never asked me why, as I didn’t know the reason. The only fact was that I didn’t know how to do it. I lost all my words. And I lost my confidence.

However, this story would be remembered. As another tiny part of my whole journey. I won’t be in anger, nor in disappointment. As I ever had a chance to have a conversation with him. We talked over a cup of coffee in a fine afternoon. I looked into his eyes, when he listened to my story. I made some jokes, and he laughed at it. I told him some exciting experiences, and he paid attention about it.

To me, it was more than enough.
It was indeed a beautiful memory.
As I never expected it to happen.

But yes, my chance was only up to that way. Apparently God has another plans.

And I believe in Him.
As I always do.


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