Recipe: Lemon Curd Cake

It is spring, everyone!! and who doesn’t love the refreshing taste of lemon in your stack of cakes?
Forget the calories for a moment! As the goodness from the lemon curd cake will blow you away!

I tell you in advance, that it may take ~3 hours to finally finish baking until you could enjoy your own master piece.
This is due to that you will get through 4 steps, as following;

  1. Cooking the lemon curd
  2. Prepare the batter and bake the cake
  3. Prepare the cream butter
  4. Assembly

But if you still want to give a try, then please do!
You will not be disappointed!

Recipe of this cake, I actually get from Donald Skehan, which you can follow the step by step on his video.

One thing that I notice, as my oven is pretty high. So, instead of using 180 degrees Celsius, I used ~160 degrees Celsius. Also, I reduce the the amount of sugar for the cake batter and cream butter. Originally, it contains 225gr of caster sugar and 500gr of confectioners sugar for cake batter and cream butter, respectively. But, to me 200gr of caster sugar and 300gr of confectioners sugar are already sweet. In addition, due to I like the lemon taste even more, thus for the lemon curd, I used the juices from 4 lemons, instead of 2-3 of lemons! (I know this is quite a lot, but trust me the acidity taste from lemon may compensate the sugary taste from the butter cream)

Another thing that I need to mention is, that using the proper cake pans (as Donald used in his video) when you want to bake such a light and airy cake like this. Avoid using the spring form cake pans, as you may get little higher raised cake in the middle. Also, by using the the spring form, the edge of cake is burnt easily. You still would like to have such a yellowish (with a bit of brownish) colour on the edge of cake. Because remember, this cake is halved-covered cake. Natural beauty of the cake needs to be exposed beautifully.

So, here is my result:


I guarantee you, this cake is not just beautiful but it is super delicious!!

Happy baking people! 🙂


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