As the sun was covering with the clouds almost the entire day, I started my morning with such a bright and hopeful feeling as always. It doesn’t mean that I have no worries about my today’s experiments in the lab, but life is about being optimistic. At least, for some particular cases.

However, I finished my work quite earlier that day, as I would join a sport competition among the PhD students and employees in the University. Such an annual event to strength the collaboration among the research groups, or simply, just to give everyone a break.

Everything was fine until I saw a silhouette of person whom I may know quite well.

He is, -let’s say-, an old acquittance.

We were met by chances. From some courses here and there. From some friends of friends. From a destiny, or probably it’s just from another form of coincidence.

I appreciated the time that we ever been in a good communication. We have no anger. No disappointments. No expectations. Nor complicated issues.

But life is always like that. You met a person, then you’d learn a good experience, or the bad ones. Or the combination of both.

…and to me, it happened for both.

He might be the most complicated person that I’ve ever known. He might not let anyone come easily into his world, yet he likes to be a centre of attention. He might be overly-sensitive, yet he is a talk-active person. He could be the most confident person that you can’t ever imagine, yet he may hide some fears inside. However, he may understand me quite well, and he may remember some little details that matters for me, yet meant nothing for anyone else.

In short, the universe is just playing its role beautifully, thus I can meet a person like him.

As the silhouette disappears, the visual was coming clear. Apparently we were parting only ~10 meters away, yet we already realised the presence of each other.

Another “Hi” was just said. Such an opening for the new episode of communication between us. A breaker for the silence during whole these years.

It was a small reunion when we talked about almost important things that happened in the past. Just like the old days, we talked freely and no fear of judgement. He still remembers some important details about me, of which make me appreciated. Really, I never expected that anyone will put an effort, or -at least- sacrifice some his neuron systems just to put a tiny part of me in his memory. Therefore, when he did that, I have nothing to say, except “being thankful”.

However, as I was rushing back to the lab, I cut the conversation. But the closure was unexpected.

He said, “Before you go, let me ask you one more question; are you happy with your life?”

and I deliberately answered, “of course, I am. And why I shouldn’t be, right?”

I gave a big smile then we parted.

During my walk back to the lab, I kept smiling. Not because I met him once more, but it’s more because that I have no anger anymore towards him. I found him as an old friend that I was fortunate to meet in order to learn something. We’ve moved on towards our life in the paths that we’ve dreamed about. We’ve experienced such a minor, yet priceless memory between us. We’ve ever talked in “our own languages” that I may specify it for both us. And to me, it is more than enough.

As long as we both are happy, and that’s the matter the most.

And let’s call it as an (happy) ending.


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